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Breast Reconstruction Specialist Dr. Constance M Chen Provides Explains the Benefits of Short-Scar Breast Reduction

Posted by Melissa Chefec

Women with very large breasts often have chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the strain of constantly being forced to bear the heavy weight of their breasts. They can also have problems finding clothes that fit well or bras that are comfortable and then have to contend with strangers staring at their chest. The constant rubbing of the overhanging breast skin on the upper abdomen can lead to skin rashes. Large breasts can also be a barrier to many athletic activities. As a result, women with large breasts may not only feel physically uncomfortable but they may also feel self-conscious about their bodies. Click HERE for the full article.

Many of our patients have volunteered to speak with other women who may have questions about what it is like to go through restorative breast and body surgery. If you would like to speak with someone who has already gone through the process, please contact us and we will find a “buddy” for you.


The Bosom Buddies are available for emotional support, practical tips, sharing stories, and other types of real life help that can help other women feel more comfortable and safe in their journey.

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