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Dr. Constance Chen is a leader in microsurgical breast reconstruction.  She specializes in DIEP, SIEA, PAP, TDAP, ALNT techniques. 

Finding the One

I’m a Medical Practice Manager with Failed Implants…

Constance Chen

My journey began with a total right mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a tissue expander.   Unfortunately, I developed a capsular contracture, and had to have the tissue expander removed.  How did I find Dr. Chen?  I can only say that I must have a guardian angel.  I was referred to a surgeon in NYC and prior to the appointment, happened to find Dr. Chen’s business card in my wallet.  I was so thrilled after meeting her, that I have since decided that the card I found was a gift for which I am very thankful. I chose Dr. Chen as my surgeon for a number of reasons.   She is highly skilled, very well trained, has excellent experience, and extremely high standards.  I was extremely fearful of the operation, but I overcame it by realizing that I was in excellent hands.  Dr. Chen answered all my questions and allayed all my fears.  My recovery, as a result, was seamless. My surgery has made me so much more comfortable with my body.  I feel whole again.  The outcome was excellent. I manage several medical practices (including surgery) outside NYC, and I absolutely recommend Dr. Chen to anyone needing surgery.

-          Elaine Y.

I Have My Own TV Show and I Love My New Breasts

Constance Chen

I have a long history with breast cancer: my mother had been diagnosed before I was born, and I've always known that my risk was very high. I was finally diagnosed with the BRCA gene in 2004. By the time I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer for the third time in 2009 I was no longer a realistic candidate for another lumpectomy.  What I needed was a bilateral mastectomy, and I was not a candidate for implants due to my previous radiation. I had made the decision to forgo any kind of reconstructive surgery when my surgeon recommended Dr. Chen. Although I was very, very anxious about the looming procedure.  Dr. Chen was unfailingly supportive and confident. I was out of bed and walking the very next morning.  The recovery was steady, and my new breasts are absolutely gorgeous.  I spend a lot of time in front of the cameras and in the public eye, and the surgery couldn't have come at a better time.  I love the results, and Dr. Chen was a steady, positive, supportive presence throughout the procedure and the follow-up period. I could not be happier with my reconstruction surgery, and I highly recommend it to any woman who has had breast cancer or who is at very high risk.

-    Name Withheld

I Researched Surgeons and Found the Best of the Best

Constance Chen

When I found out I was BRCA 2+, I began to research which type of prophylactic surgery to have. Once I had decided to have the DIEP procedure I went on to research surgeons. I was based in New York and I was confident I could have the best of the best. I found the surgeon in town who was the most highly recommended, whose office was super professional and who had been doing this procedure longer than anyone else. I was sure I had found my surgeon. I next heard that he couldn’t take my insurance, and although initially devastated, I quickly came to see that this was my lucky break, because the practice then recommended the wonderful Dr. Chen to me. Knowing what I know now about what makes a surgeon great, I look back on my early decision-making and my criteria for selecting a surgeon seems so misplaced. From the first day Dr. Chen became my primary surgeon she also became my advocate. With Dr. Chen I always knew someone was in my corner; with the initial surgery she challenged the surgical team to try a nipple-sparing mastectomy on hilariously large breasts and in the reconstructive surgery she encouraged her surgical partner to spend an extra hour to really make things perfect. This combination of perfectionism, ambition and dedication all translated to me being incredibly happy with the results and feeling like I really did get the best of the best. And for all this I will be eternally grateful.

But at the end of the day what I will really remember about Dr. Chen and her team is how they helped to make a really sucky time in my life seem okay. Her staff was always amazing. They were professional and efficient, but more importantly they were empathetic and thoughtful. I enjoyed turning up to the office and felt like I could ask for anything. The single most memorable image that will stick in my mind is Dr. Chen’s smiling face each time I came out of surgery. She’d be standing over me with the most inane grin buzzing with enthusiasm for how well the surgery went. I knew then, even in a drugged haze, that she loved her job and really cared about each individual patient.

I couldn’t help but wonder a few times over the 18 months I was in Dr. Chen’s care whether the fact she was a female surgeon made a difference. I am certain that there are male surgeons out there as equally talented as her, but I am not so confident that as many of them would realize that just sitting with your patient for two hours on a Friday night in hospital might be just what your patient needs. I am pleased that Dr. Chen is so dedicated, because it meant she replied to my weekend emails. I am glad I found a plastic surgeon that is such a perfectionist, because I now have breasts 10x more beautiful than they were before. I am glad that she was ambitious because I got to keep my own nipples even when it had never been done on breasts my size before (GG cup). But above all I am grateful that I found a surgeon who is compassionate and a good listener, because that meant I never felt alone or scared.

-          Lisa G.