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Dr. Constance Chen is a leader in microsurgical breast reconstruction.  She specializes in DIEP, SIEA, PAP, TDAP, ALNT techniques. 

Doctor from HI

I'm A Doctor Who Flew To New York from Hawaii...

Constance Chen

Dr Chen turned my losses into gain, my sadness into joy! While in medical school in Hawaii, I had felt a lump in my left breast. A few years later, mastectomy was recommended. Done. Devastated. My breasts were a small A cup before the mastectomy, barely anything to miss, right? Wrong. I was devastated at my concave chest.  Nothing looked right. A colleague of mine tried to convince me to put in silicone implants, but because my skin was irradiated, there was a high chance of poor wound healing & I didn’t want to risk that. I met with the most popular plastic surgeon in Hawaii, who told me of the new flaps available. I met with 2 plastic surgeons in San Francisco, CA, who seemed confident, but I could not trust them. Our classmate told me her friend married a brilliant surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction. BINGO! I emailed Dr Chen and instantly knew she was an expert. Her explanations were so thorough. Her goal is perfectly reconstructed breasts.  I’m so pleased with the outcome. My breasts are symmetrical, soft and beautifully shaped.  Moreover, I won’t ever need to return to surgery to fix implants that leak, fail, get infected or anything else! I also have a youthful flat tummy where I once had a big pouch. I love my new body! Dr Chen promised to help me in every aspect of the way, and she kept her word. When the hospital filed the insurance claim incorrectly, I received a bill for over five thousand dollars.  Dr Chen’s office worked with the hospital’s billers to rectify the situation and resolved the issue.  I paid about $65 instead of thousands. Dr Chen reassures you before the surgery that she will “hold your hand every step of the way,” and honestly, I didn’t expect she would be there for me battling the insurance companies but she and her staff fixed the financial glitches long after the surgery was done. Finally, I must comment on Dr Chen’s personality.  She is extremely kind, thorough, and she is able to make the complicated simple. I have already referred 2 friends and encourage you, the reader, to choose Dr Chen.  You won’t be disappointed. You will be in the very best hands, literally! 


Dr M from Hawaii